OUR PROJECTS In order to go beyond refuge to restoration of our sheltered 

friends we conduct the Emma's

Attic Retail Therapy Project.

It keeps everyone busy during

the day and volunteers are welcome to join us. Soon, Emma's Attic II will open downtown.  It's our Classy With A Purpose boutique. We collect donations on a daily basis to supply all the needs of the homeless directly. Everything else goes into our "economy." Everyone helps work in the Donation Collection and Bargain Center studying good customer service, learning accountability, and practicing discernment.

     In the spring and summer we learn about the power of gardening in the Victory Over Hunger Garden. Our first raised

bed garden was built by

a Gold Award winning

Girl Scout. The large

garden was irrigated and

launched by an Eagle Award winning Boy Scout. Other Eagle Awards built our shelving, storage shed, playground and chicken tractor.

     The Emmaus Shelter is always happy to create

                              the right one time or ongoing

                              project to work with the talents of                           groups like the Servant Scholars

and                        and LaGrange College's Day ange College Day of Service. Lafayette Christian

                              School always blesses us during their annual Community Work Day. We look forward to serving along side youth groups from Christian churches.

Mrs. Kay Elam


WHO WE SERVE Homelessness doesn't discriminate. We meet people of every description,

                           from every age group; some

                           belong to families while others are

                           single. Some have been abused.

                           Others have been raised with

                           neglect. Many are adult orphans.

                            Often they are partially disabled.

We find them under bridges and in parking lots. The local police department finds them and the hospital releases them. Some have had families but through the circumstances of their lives, they are no longer around.

     Many are falling and need a safe place to land because of economic hardship. Perhaps a spouse has left, a job was lost and the rent was due. Maybe a child was sick and a job was lost and the rent was due. Sometimes a car breaks down so the job was lost...and the rent was due.

     Others are climbing up, needing to grow up and learn life skills for success. We meet people all the time who simply have not been raised with any common knowledge about responsibility..but given a little encouragement and direction they blossom.

OUR MISSION The mission of Emmaus Women's Shelter was originally to provide refuge, restoration and reintegration to homeless women and their children. It all started in late 2008, early 2009 when Mrs. Kay Elam and Mrs. Shirley Andrews founded Emmaus with the support of Jessica David and strong committee of concerned citizens including Mr. Mike Meredith, Brother Jimmy Pruitt, Dr. Kelly Veal, Ms. Wanda Walker and Pastor Max Riley to name a few.  The creation of

Oakaven Day Center in a

space originally designed for

an adult day care was available

and soon the first night shelter

for women and children was

offered by Wade Hall and

renovated by The Promise Group.

In 2014 Jessica David was made Director and the modest and manageable model that Mrs. Kay and Mrs. Shirley had created simply erupted. First the Day Center became an over flow shelter doubling direct service delivery. Next the Troup County Homeless Coalition created a warming shelter and Emmaus was named as its manager. Through this many underserved homeless brothers, fathers and sons were recognized. Emmaus Women's Shelter was challenged to created a matching program for men. Miraculously the Matthews Building was donated which includes 12 hotel type rooms dedicated to transitioning men primarily. DASH also offered the first transitional to permanent home which was acquired. The Emma's Attic Retail Therapy Project expands to a fully functional Bargain and Donation Sorting Center at Oakhaven and an Upscale with a Purpose completely posh location downtown.

Now the mission of The Emmaus Shelter is to serve homeless women and their families; from mothers and daughters to fathers and brothers, husbands and wives, children and teens, and now Veterans, too.