What You Give Means So Much To Everyone We Serve:

The transportation costs are going up! Will you give gas? Stop by Crockett Brothers and make a donation today. 

Financial Support

     Monthly Friends                   Annual Support          Year End Giving

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In-kind Support
Most Needed Items:

Paper Products

           Paper Plates       Paper Towels      Tissue

Plastic Utensils

Detergent      Dish Soap

Socks      Underwear

Linens     Towels      Twin Mattresses


     We welcome individual volunteers, are pleased to host interns and love to work with groups from clubs, schools, churches, fraternities and sororities.

Items for Emma's Attic 

Furniture      Clothing for all ages     Housewares     Dishes     Beds


Linens     Towels     Accessories

Nothing is ever wasted!

Our guests get what they need first in order to dress for success and be rehoused.

Next they work with it to be displayed in the glorified yard sale to raise funds for other support they need, i.e. driver's licenses, birth certificates, gas money, work shoes, medicine, work clothes.

Beyond Emmaus we share up the Chattahoochee River to other poverty stricken areas.

Your Giving Matters and You Have Choices

To Give Online, choose one of these:

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Help the Homeless "Survive" When you give $25 we would be pleased to send you a custom made survivor bracelet! Email jessica@emmausshelter.com and let us know!

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