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Locally in LaGrange and throughout Troup County and surrounding areas, The Emmaus Shelter is a vocal advocate for the homeless and displaced. We provide a Day Center and night shelter to help women and their families in need.

Homelessness doesn't discriminate. We meet every color of the rainbow, from every age group who belong to families or who are single. Some have been abused. Others have been raised with neglect. Many are adult orphans. Often they are partially disabled.

The Emmaus Shelter

Jessica David

Director of Emmaus Shelter and Ambassador for the Homeless, Founder

In order to go beyond refuge to restoration of our sheltered friends we conduct the Emma's Attic Retail Therapy Project. It keeps everyone busy during the day and volunteers are welcome to join us. Soon, Emma's Attic II will open downtown. 

UPDATE:  The mayor of Lagrange supports Emmaus.  Please check out his email supporting us.

Is the city shutting us down?  As of right now, that would be yes.  We were given 30 days by the city council of Lagrange to move everybody out of our main site on Greenville St.

We currently house close to 20 people at this location.  Where will they sleep? They will no longer be allowed to sleep here.   Check back with us for updates, and please pray for our people.  They need it now more than ever.

Feel free to contact the city of Lagrange and let them know that you approve of the good that we do.

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Shirley Andrews

 Director of Operations and Counseling, Founder, Intercessory Prayer Warrior

Jimmy Pruitt

Chairman, Board of Directors, Chaplain of Troup County Jail and Station Manager for WOAK/The Oak

Joy Burnham

Treasurer, Board of Directors, Administrator of Troup County Jail, Intercessor

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Bobbie Hart

Member, Board of Directors, Ambassador of Faith based  Community Relations, Prayer Warrior

Wanda Walker

Secretary, Board of Directors, Host of "You Make the Difference, Leader at Troup Transformation

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